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Patrick Arpin

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American Capital Group

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About Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue


Mission:  To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring responsible citizens.


What are Boys & Girls Clubs?

There are 12 Clubs in Bellevue to provide young people with a fun, safe and constructive environment.  Clubs offer programs services designed to support academic success, healthy lifestyles, and great moral character.


Who Do Clubs Serve?

Clubs are open to all youth ages 2.5 - 18 years of age.  Clubs reach out to children and families giving them support, guidance and hope for the future.  We keep fees low and don't turn anyone away for an inability to pay. 


Where are Clubs Located?

The Main Clubhouse, established in 1952 is located in the heart of downtown Bellevue.  We have 3 Clubhouses located in Public Housing and 4 Clubhouses in elementary schools.  We run in partnership with the City of Bellevue at both the Crossroads and South Bellevue Community Centers.  We also run the City's only dedicated Teen Center, located in the Lake Hills neighborhood.



What Makes Club's Unique?

Our clubs are neighborhood centerd and provide specialized programming in character development, educational enhancement, and career exploration.  Priority outcomes include helping youth achive academically, promoting healthy lifestyles and building strong character. 


Who are the Club Staff?

Clubs are staffed by paid, highly-trained Youth Development Professionals.  Through a system of informal guidance, Club Staff form strong bonds with young people.  For many Club members, Club staff are the most influential, positive adult role-model in thier lives.


Are you part of the King County Organization?

Although we work together programmatically, and we are both members of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, we are separate organzations.  We own our own property and our Board of Directors governs independently, with fiduciary responsiblity for the Club's sustainablity.  The Board is deeply committed to serving the youth and families of Bellevue and chooses to designate much of our revenue to serve the kids who need us most.


Why are Clubs Important?

The Boys & Girls Club Movement upholds natioal interest.  Today's boys and girls will become the mainstay of America's economy.  By aiding in their positive development, all of society will benefit from the next generation of leaders. 


Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue

209 100th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004